NPTEL Developing Soft Skills And Personality Week 5 Assignment Answer 2023

NPTEL Developing Soft Skills And Personality Week 5 Assignment Solutions

NPTEL Developing Soft Skills And Personality Week 5 Assignment Answer 2023

1. Donna Haraway states, “Machine is given human treatment, and humans are treated like machines.” Below are a few instances; identify all the ones where this quote applies.

  1. Hari buys a new car. On his way home from the store, he passes by an old friend who seems tired of walking. The friend is in dirty work clothes. Hari thinks that his friend’s dirty clothes will ruin his new car and does not stop to give a lift to his friend.
  2. Basu loves playing video games, and his parents give him new sets of video games every year on his birthday. Basu gives away his older video games to his friends at the orphanage.
  3. Tina has a minimum source of income. However, she is fascinated by the new iPhone model. She must choose between meeting her aging parents over the vacation or buying the new iPhone. Eventually, she postponed her trip to her parents’ home and purchased the iPhone.
  4. Seema is listening to songs on her new EarPods. Her niece comes to her and takes one of the EarPods off to talk to her. Seema gets angry at her niece for touching her EarPods and shouts at her niece.
  5. Pratibha’s parents buy a new cycle for her. Her younger cousin, who was visiting, asked her if he could ride her bicycle. He goes out on her bicycle and meets with an accident and calls Pratibha to come help him. Pratibha comes to him and asks him if he is all right and tells him not to worry about her bicycle.
  6. Aliza hosts a dinner party for her school friends at her new house. She tells them that her home is equipped with all modern technologies. Throughout the party, she keeps reminding her friends about that and asks them not to touch anything at her house.
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2. Pulkit has recently realized that he has become a Moborg, or a mobile organism. What are some of the ways by which Pulkit can retain human personality?

  • Pulkit should have some mobile free time during the day.
  • Pulkit should listen to songs on mobile phones to fall asleep.
  • Pulkit should keep a distance from his phone while talking to someone else.
  • Pulkit should use a wristwatch to check the time rather than on mobile phones.
  • Pulkit should use Google Maps on his mobile phone instead of physical maps to check addresses.
  • Pulkit should constantly chat on social media apps rather than having face-to-face conversations with other human beings.
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3. What are some of the self-probing questions that might have helped Pulkit realize that he has become a Moborg?

  1. “Have I stopped watching the news on television?”
  2. “What matters most in my life, mother or father?”
  3. “Have I stopped using a calculator?”
  4. “Do I use my mobile phone to check the time?”
  5. “Should I go out for shopping?”
  6. “Since when did I stop drinking milk?”
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4. Identify the instances that show the Cyborgian Shift.

  1. A retired army man wants to send his regards to his friend from a different state whose son recently got married. He goes to the post office and sends a card to his friends.
  2. A teacher asks his students to attend his class on time at 10:30 am. At 10:25 am, all the students wait with their computers on for the teacher to share the link to his Zoom class.
  3. A mother asks her ten-year-old daughter to bring a notebook to practice writing. The daughter comes to her mother with a notebook computer.
  4. Two friends are on a vacation in a different country. They have carried a physical map of the places they want to visit.
  5. A little girl asks her mother to sing her favorite lullaby. The mother starts playing the lullaby on her mobile phone.
  6. An aging father asks his daughter if she could read him the headlines of today’s The Times of India. The daughter takes out her iPad and starts reading the headlines to him.
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5. Which of the following circumstances show the crucial need for Netiquette?

  1. A person who loves traveling uses the internet to share his travel vlogs to inspire others to travel more.
  2. An insecure boyfriend hacks into his girlfriend’s Instagram account to check if she is chatting with someone else.
  3. A teenager creates a fake account as an adult to access sites forbidden to underage people.
  4. A student uses his teacher’s name and emails his classmates to collect funds from them.
  5. A person who is usually shy in public creates a fake Facebook account to bully people.
  6. A homemaker uploads her baking tips on YouTube and connects with others with the same hobby.
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6. Meera wants to email Professor R.C. Gupta from IIT Delhi, requesting that he enrolls her in his course. What should she AVOID doing?

  1. Add an appropriate Subject Line.
  2. Keep the email concise and coherent.
  3. CC it to all the other professors of IIT Delhi.
  4. Use spell-check while editing her email.
  5. Begin the email with “Whatsup, sir!”
  6. Use only capital letters throughout the email.
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7. What other steps can Meera take to gain Professor R. C. Gupta’s attention?

  1. She should include each detail of her academic career in the email.
  2. She should use subheadings and paragraph divisions to make the email easy to read.
  3. She should avoid using abbreviations generally used while texting.
  4. She should mention that she is related to the local political leader.
  5. She should take note of the punctuation marks and avoid using jargon.
  6. She should start the email by asking about the professor’s family background.
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8. In the Twenty-first century, almost everyone is used to sending text messages on their phones. Due to this habit, most people make the mistake of using the same language while sending formal emails. Identify the mistakes people usually make while sending emails from the list below.

  1. “Respected Sir/Ma’am”
  2. “XOXO, Missy”
  3. “Lots of Luv”
  4. “Yours sincerely”
  5. “What’s up!”
  6. “Hope you are doing well.”
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9. Similarly, using text language, a teenager sends the following note to her grandfather, who is unfamiliar with the modern texting language. Based on the given passage, identify the possible causes for communication barriers rising between them.
Dr. Grandpa
How are you doing atm?
Miss you
Let’s meet RN

  1. The message sent her is concise and clear.
  2. The teenager and grandfather do not share a standard code or language
  3. The grandfather here will be unable to decode a message correctly because of the use of abbreviations.
  4. The grandfather might think he must meet someone with the initials RN.
  5. The teenager has used proper grammar and punctuation, for clarity.
  6. The teenager has not followed the rules of grammar.
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10. Identify the correct pairs of abbreviations and their commonly known and universally accepted meanings.

  1. BTW – Behind the Woods
  2. ASAP – As Soon As Possible
  3. AKA – Also Known As
  4. PFA – Please Forward Answers
  5. FYI – For Your Information
  6. WRT – With Respect To
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11. Which of the following indicates the characteristic trait of a mobile addict?

  • Priyank never takes her mobile phone out with her friends.
  • Sankalp prefers talking to friends in person rather than texting.
  • Dhriti loves using diaries and notepads to save her friends’ phone numbers and addresses.
  • Sagarika cannot resist using her mobile phone even during important meetings.
  • Nasrin avoids using her mobile phone early in the morning and late at night before sleeping.
  • Gayatri does not use her social media on her mobile phone because she thinks it wastes time.
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12. Potter Stewart states: “Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.” Based on the instances given below, identify the ethical person according to Potter Stewart.

  • Harry is a wedding videographer. He occasionally shoots some personal moments of the families he is invited to and posts them on his social media to gain followers. He thinks that since he is invited to shoot their videos, he has the right to make these videos viral on social media.
  • Paul is a schoolteacher. The school principal asks him to do a surprise checking of the students’ bags to see if they are carrying mobile phones to the class and confiscate them. His colleagues want to go through the confiscated mobile phones, but Paul stops them from doing that and tells them that it is a breach of privacy.
  • Martin loves feeding street dogs. After a year of feeding dogs, Martin decides to sell them one by one. When his neighbors question, he replies saying that he can do whatever he wants to the dogs because he has the right to do that.
  • Sameer is a contractor, who has received the contract of redevelopment of a slum. He thinks that as a contractor, it is his right to demolish the slum without giving any warning or taking any consent from the people who live there.
  • Maria is a short-tempered woman who always abuses her house help. She thinks that it is the right thing to do, and she has all the right to do that because she pays her house help ten thousand rupees every month.
  • Damini thinks that as a girlfriend, she has the right to know all about her boyfriend. When her boyfriend refuses to give his passwords, she takes advantage of her hacker friend to hack into her boyfriend’s computer and internet banking.
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13. Below are specific examples of subject lines commonly used in emails. Identify the right subject line.

  • “Stay young and beautiful forever!”
  • “Director’s Meeting on 10/10/23 at 5pm in R. No. 487
  • “If you love your mother, open this.”
  • “No Subject”
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14. Identify the INCORRECT point to ponder while deciding the subject line of an email.

  • The subject line should clearly express the content of the email.
  • The subject line should help the receiver decide whether to open the email.
  • The subject line should use tempting lines.
  • The subject line should not be overemphasized by capital letters.
  • The subject line should use short and descriptive phrases.
  • The subject line should not be missing.
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15. Rajesh, who has recently got a job overseas, buys mobile phones for his parents living in India. What purpose would these new phones serve in their family.

  • It will help Rajesh avoid meeting his parents for a long time.
  • It will help Rajesh’s parents ignore the people they do not like.
  • It will help Rajesh and his parents connect instantly despite the physical distance.
  • It will distract Rajesh’s parents from their health issues.
  • It will help with Rajesh’s father’s insomnia.
  • It will help Rajesh’s parents in saving money.
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16. What is one of the most important things to remember during online communication?

  1. One does not have to listen to what the other person says during online conversations, unlike face-to-face discussions.
  2. There is a human presence on the other side of the screen.
  3. There are no ethics to follow in online communication.
  4. Always remember that communication is happening with a machine.
  5. Whatever one writes online gets erased immediately, and one can write anything online.
  6. One should use the screen that shields them during online communication.
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17. Identify the INCORRECT Mobile Etiquette from the following.

  1. One should keep one’s mobile phone switched off during important meetings.
  2. One should always avoid using one’s mobile phone when talking to someone face-to-face.
  3. One should always call people and waste their time because mobile phones are meant for that.
  4. One should always opt for texting if the work can be accomplished through texting.
  5. One should always be empathetic toward the one they are calling.
  6. One should never talk too loudly on their mobile phone in a public place.
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18. Komal has an Instagram addiction. She spends all her time scrolling reels on Instagram, compares her life with celebrities she follows online and tends to update everything about her life on her Instagram account. Her parents are seeking help for her. Based on your understanding of the course, what would you suggest that will help Komal get rid of her addiction.

  1. Her parents should burn her phone and laptop.
  2. Her parents should ask someone to create a fake account in her name and accuse Komal of identity theft.
  3. Her parents should cut off all ties with Komal.
  4. Her parents should help Komal build real-life relationships to help her get out of her virtual world.
  5. Her parents should also create Instagram accounts and shift themselves to Komal’s virtual world.
  6. Her parents should lock Komal up in a room without Internet access for a week.
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19. Bijoy and his family go to the waterpark outside the city to spend a day during the scorching summer. Before the trip, Bijoy gets online tickets for the waterpark and ensures everyone has their swimming costumes and other things necessary. He also fills in enough fuel for the journey. Which Cardinal Principle of Soft Skills and Personality Development does Bijoy display in this example?

  1. Progressiveness
  2. Peculiarity
  3. Preparedness
  4. Presentation
  5. Procedural
  6. Passivity
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20. Two weeks before the trip, Bijoy’s wife, Sarita, checked every family member’s schedule, fixed a date when everyone was free, and estimated the time that would take all the family members to reach the waterpark at 11 am. She also ensured that no one was too tired to go to school and the workplace the next day. Which Cardinal Principle of Soft Skills and Personal Development does Sarita have?

  1. Procrastination
  2. Politeness
  3. Planning
  4. Punctuality
  5. Positivity
  6. Protectiveness
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21. Using pens, spectacles, and watches can make humans “cybernetic organisms.”

  1. True
  2. False
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22. To tell the recipient it is urgent, one must use all UPPERCASE and exclamation marks in an email.


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23. Sankar says that his favorite sport is football, and he loves playing football. However, when his college friends ask him to join them for a friendly football game, he says he plays the FIFA World Cup on his phone. Sankar still has his human personality intact.

  • True
  • False
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24. Allan, who has done this course “Developing Soft Skills and Personality”, must tell his friends about the three technology-related keywords. He tells them the three keywords to remember are, Bargain, Choose, and Celebrate. Is this true?

  1. True
  2. False
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25. Aarti manages to get the email id of her favorite American comedian and decides to send him an email. To make her email look attractive, she uses a lot of regional idiomatic expressions, metaphors, and similes, which are popular in Indian culture. Aarti has done the appropriate thing in sending an email to someone from a different cultural background.

  1. True
  2. False
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