Introduction to Computers – Spoken Tutorial Quiz Answers

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Introduction to computers

Q. To write an email using Gmail, we should click on the option :

Select One:

(A) Write message

(B) None of these options

(C) Create

(D) Compose

Ans:- (D) Compose

Q. In Google Drive, which of the following is used to create a presentation?

Select One:

(A) Powerpoint

(B) Google Sheets

(C) Google Slides

(D) Google Docs

Ans:- (C)Google Slides

Q. A Computer gives results in the form of _____________

Select One:

(A) Input

(B) Interrupts

(C) None of these options

(D) Output

Ans:- (D) Output

Q. What is the shortcut key of print command?

Select One:

(A) Ctrl + C

(B) Ctrl + I

(C) Ctrl + P

(D) Ctrl + H

Ans:- (A) Ctrl + P

Q. __________ is the visual display unit of a computer.

Select One:

(A) Keyboard

(B) Scanner

(C) Monitor


Ans:- (C) Monitor

Q. To find out what changes were made by a user in the document we have to check

Select One:

(A) None of these

(B) Share options

(C) Comments

(D) Revision History

Ans:- (D) Revision History

Q. What does PSU stands for?

Select One:

(A) Power Socket Unit

(B) None of these options

(C) Power Supply Unit

(D) Processor Supply Unit

Ans:- (C) Power Supply Unit

Q. Which of the following is(are) output device?

Select One:

(A) Monitor

(B) All of these options

(C) Scanner

(D) Camera

Ans:- (A) Monitor

Q. Username has to be unique and can be made up of alphabets or alpha-numeric combinations.

Select One:

(A) True

(B) False

Ans:- (A) True

Q. Gmail allows us to do basic formatting to the text in the body of our email.

Select One:

(A) True

(B) False

Ans:- (A) True

Q. Output is stored in _________

Select One:

(A) All of these options

(B) Output Unit

(C) Storage Unit

(D) Input Unit


Q. The whole process of loading the operating system is called ____________

Select One:

(A) Re-booting the computer

(B) Reloading the computer

(C) booting the computer

(D) None of these options

Ans:- (C) Booting the computer

Q. BCC stands for

Select One:

(A) Broadcast Carbon Copy

(B) Blind Carbon Copy

(C) Broadcast Carbon Copy

(D) Broadcast Carbon Copy

Ans:- (B) Blind Carbon Copy

Q. We can attach up to ____ Size of file in Gmail.

Select One:

(A) 20 megabytes

(B) 50 megabytes

(C) 30 megabytes

(D) 25 megabytes

Ans:- (D) 25 megabytes

Q. In a google doc, to remove the comment thread, click on __________ button.

Select One:

(A) Resolve

(B) Cancel

(C) Remove

(D) Cancel


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