NPTEL E-Business Week 1 Assignment Answers 2023

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NPTEL E-Business Week 1 Assignment Answers 2023

1. ABC company uses Amazon’s fulfillment network to deliver its product directly to the customer. The customer can track the delivery status of the product online. This process can be termed as a_________ transaction.

a. E-Business
b. E-commerce
c. Both a) and b)
d. None of the above

Answer :-a. E-Business

2. Pantaloons Fashion & Retail Limited retails a mix of private labels and licensed brands in apparel and accessories. It has many stores across the country. Placing orders, receipt of goods. unloading. and recording the details of received goods are a few of the activities at the store level. These activities can be termed as

a. Value chain activities
b. Value delivery activities
c. Value creation activities
d. None of the above

Answer :- a. Value chain activities

Value chain activities are the various processes and activities that a company engages in to create and deliver value to its customers. In the scenario described, activities such as placing orders, receiving goods, unloading, and recording details of received goods are part of the overall value chain of Pantaloons Fashion & Retail Limited's operations.

3. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software automates

a. Supply chain
b. Value chain
c. E-procurement
d. Logistics activity activities.

Answer :- b. Value chain

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software helps automate and integrate various processes across the value chain of an organization, including functions such as manufacturing, distribution, procurement, human resources, finance, and more. It aims to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness by streamlining processes and facilitating better communication and coordination among different departments and functions.

4. A business model provides a road map for a company and includes:

a. Cost structure
b. Revenue generation plan
c. Profit architecture
d. All of the above

Answer :- d. All of the above

A business model provides a comprehensive framework that outlines how a company plans to create, deliver, and capture value. It includes various components, such as the cost structure (how costs are incurred), the revenue generation plan (how the company earns money), and the overall profit architecture (how the company aims to achieve profitability). All these elements collectively form the business model, which guides the company's strategic decisions and operations.

5. An online content streaming platform like Netflix generates its revenue using

a. Merchant model
b. Utility model
c. Subscription-based model
d. Advertisement model

Answer :- c. Subscription-based model

An online content streaming platform like Netflix generates its revenue primarily through a subscription-based model. Users pay a subscription fee to access the platform's content library and enjoy streaming movies, TV shows, and other content without interruptions from advertisements. This model allows users to access a wide range of content for a recurring fee, and the platform's revenue is generated from these subscriptions rather than from advertisements or individual purchases.

6. It is evident in TATA Steel’s e-procurement study that when buy volume is low and criticality to cost or quality is low, a company should go for

a. Reverse auction
b. Business process outsourcing
c. B2B market places
d. All of the above

Answer :- b. Business process outsourcing 

7. is an online

a. Manufacture
b. Merchant
c. Brokerage
d. Advertisement site?

Answer :- c. Brokerage is an online travel agency that acts as a brokerage site. It connects customers with various travel services such as flights, hotels, vacation packages, and more, provided by different manufacturers (airlines, hotels, etc.). facilitates transactions between customers and service providers, earning commissions or fees for the bookings made through its platform. This makes it a brokerage site in the context of the travel industry.

8. As per Gartner’s Hype Cycle, if technology is in the plateau of productivity, it indicates

a. The product is getting very high visibility and market expectations are high
b. The disillusionment about the product is over, it is not accepted in the the market.
c. The disillusionment about the product is over, it is mature and adopted in the market.
d. The product has potential and is trying to improve based on market feedback.

Answer :- c. The disillusionment about the product is over, it is mature and adopted in the market.

In Gartner's Hype Cycle, when a technology is in the "plateau of productivity," it indicates that the initial hype and disillusionment phases are over, and the technology has matured and become widely adopted in the market. It is a stage where the technology has proven its value and is stable, and organizations are reaping the benefits from its implementation.

9. IT’s eChoupal Initiative is about improving the ________of agricultural produces.

a. Marketing model
b. Supply chain
c. Sales
d. Accountability

Answer :- b. Supply chain

IT's eChoupal Initiative is about improving the supply chain of agricultural produces. The initiative uses technology to connect farmers directly with buyers and markets, facilitating better access to information, fairer pricing, and more efficient distribution of agricultural products. This helps in optimizing the supply chain processes and benefiting both farmers and consumers.

10. Paying income taxes online is example of _______transaction.

a. G2C
b. G2B
c. C2G
d. G2G

Answer:- c. C2G 
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