Developing Soft Skills and Personality Assignment 5 Answers 2022

Developing Soft Skills and Personality Assignment 5 Answers 2022:- In this post, We have provided answers of Developing Soft Skills and Personality Assignment 5. We provided answers here only for reference. Plz, do your assignment at your own knowledge.

NPTEL Developing Soft Skills and Personality Assignment 5 Answers 2022

1. Identify those aspects that describe Cyborgs and their nature:

a. It is a result of the fusion between Biology and Chemistry.
b. Cyborgs are machines.
c. They are cybernetic organisms.
d. They are a threat to human life.
e. Human beings are slowly becoming cyborgs due to the growing significance of technology.
f. Cyborgs exist only in mythology and fantasy books.

Answer:- c, e

2. Consider the following statement by Marshall McLuhan and choose the correct options that describe its significance and have some relevance to it: “All media are extensions of some human faculty. . . . The wheel is an extension of the foot, the book is an extension of the eye . . . clothing, an extension of the skin . . . electric circuitry, an extension of the nervous system.

a. “In this techno-culture, these extensions have become real and have gained autonomy.
b. The extensions often give an identity to the source.
c. The machine and the human are further separated from one another owing to this phenomenon.
d. Technology and humankind can never be completely connected.
e. McLuhan says this in his text, The Medium is the Message.
f. A pacemaker can be seen as one such extension.

Answer:- a, b, e, f

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Developing Soft Skills and Personality Assignment 5 Answers 2022

3. Fill in the blanks: “Our machines are disturbingly ___(i)___ and we ourselves are frighteningly ___(ii)___.”

a. (i) inert
b. (i) lively
c. (i) dangerous
d. (ii) lively
e. (ii) inert
f. (ii) precious

Answer:- b, e

4. Which of the following are NOT the three keywords associated with technology

a. Control
b. Caution
c. Choice
d. Power
e. Benefit
f. Bargain

Answer:- b, d, f

5. Which of the following are the purposes of mobile phones?

Answer:- b, c, e

6. Raman, Seema, and Tarun are writing emails to their boss to receive feedback for their monthly performance at the office. According to the email norms you have studied, evaluate the following subject lines that they use and choose the correct options:

Seema: “Requesting Sweetest Sir for their Lovely Feedback”
Tarun: “Requesting Monthly Feedback”

Answer:- c, d, e

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Developing Soft Skills and Personality Assignment 5 Answers 2022

7. Choose from among the following suitable norms of writing an email:

Answer:- a, d

8. Having previously learnt about good and bad habits, and in Lecture 26 about the use of mobile phones, choose some of the good mobile phone habits from the following:

Answer:- c, f

9. Albert Einstein said that, “I fear the day that ___(i)___ will surpass our ___(ii)___. The world will have generation of idiots.”

Answer:- c, d

10. Identify the errors in the following email:

Answer:- a, d, e, f

11. Shikha wants to send an email to her Manager about her Weekly progress. What should she NOT do?

Answer:- c

12. Which of the following terms can be used to describe the amazing transformation of society with technological growth, characterized by the presence of new devices and social communication platforms, a change in thought and communication patterns:

Answer:- a

13. It is important to maintain a uniformity of a standard language in email because:

Answer:- c

14. The idea that human beings are rarely divorced from technology, and that the two cannot be removed from each other, is discussed in his text, Technoscience and Cyberculture by:

Answer:- a

15. What is the full form of WRT in an email?

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16. If people display a lack of netiquette, there is likely to be an increase in:

Answer:- b

17. Which of the following habits can make a person more human in her/his usage of mobile phones?

Answer:- d

18. Which of the following is NOT one of the Cardinal Principles of Soft Skills and Personality Development?

Answer:- c

19. What should Yasmeen do to make her email look more professional?

Answer:- f

20. Sandhya needs to approach her professor with a request for taking leave to go home. Which of the following mannerisms indicate that she possesses good soft skills?

Answer:- b

21. The boundaries between man and machine are becoming blurred in these times of growing technology.

Answer:- a

22. Using SMS language in emails should be encouraged.

Answer:- b

23. Potter Stewart believes that “Ethics is discouraging the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.”

Answer:-  For Answer Click Here

24. One should never use sub-headings in a long email.

Answer:- b

25. BTW means “Black to White.”

Answer:- b

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NPTEL Developing Soft Skills and Personality Assignment 5 Answers 2021

Q1. In the book, The Medium is the Message, the wheel, book, and clothing are considered to be extensions of certain human body parts. Identify the corresponding order:  

(A) Foot, brain, eye 

(B) Leg, head, skin 

(C) Foot, eye, skin 

(D) Knee, brain, skin 

(E) Foot, eye, skin 

(F) Foot, hands, skin

Ans:- (C) Foot, eye, skin 

Q2. Name the author of the following quote: “Our machines are disturbingly lively and we ourselves are frighteningly inert.” 

(A) Marshall McLuhan  

(B) Albert Einstein 

(C) Stanley Aronowitz 

(D) George Bush 

(E) Donna Haraway 

(F) Steve Jobs

Ans:- (E) Donna Haraway 

Q3. What does the following imply: “ . . . as man works in assembly line, he appears to serve as an appendage?”  

(A) Everyone working in an assembly line looks exactly the same.   

(B) Workers on the assembly line serve better than computers.   

(C) Workers on the assembly line work in bondage like slaves.  

(D) Workers on the assembly line do a repetitive and mechanical work just like a machine.  

(E) All workers on the assembly line suffer from appendicitis. 

(F) Workers on the assembly line can be replaced by machines.

Ans:- (F) Workers on the assembly line can be replaced by machines.

Q4. Identify the most appropriate email etiquette?  

(A) Send an email without a subject.  

(B) Forward an email without writing anything from your side.  

(C) Email back after every half an hour enquiring why there has not been any response to your email.  

(D) While sending a follow-up email, make sure to keep your tone extremely polite.  

(E) Do not bother about grammar while writing the email.  

(F) After composing the email, hit send immediately without going over it again. 

Ans:- (D) While sending a follow-up email, make sure to keep your tone extremely polite.  

Q5. Which of the following traits show that you are addicted to social media?  

(A) Making friends in real life.  

(B) Taking part in sports and other outdoor activities.  

(C) Being an extrovert.  

(D) Developing social intelligence.  

(E) Texting people on WhatsApp, while you’re in the presence of guests.  

(F) Visiting your Facebook account only during vacation. 

Ans:- (E) Texting people on WhatsApp, while you’re in the presence of guests.  

Q6. Identify the mistake to avoid while answering an email.  

(A) Write back a reply as soon as you possibly can.  

(B) Make sure your grammar is correct in the email.  

(C) First, make sure you note down all the important points in a draft.  

(D) Make sure your email is impulsive.  

(E) Make sure you write simple sentences.  

(F) Ensure that you do not frequently use worn-out phrases. 

Ans:- (D) Make sure your email is impulsive.  

Q7. Identify the most appropriate measure that you can adopt to overcome your social media addiction:  

(A) Sell your phone.  

(B) Build alter ego characters on social media.  

(C) Block everyone that disagrees with your opinion on social media.   

(D) Build real life connections that can gradually replace your virtual socialization needs.  

(E) Pay people to offer praises to you all the time, so that you do not have to seek approval from your virtual community.   

(F) Take recreative drugs. 

Ans:- For Answer Click Here

Q8. Identify the correct way to end a formal email that started with the salutation: Dear Sir/Madam:  

(A) Lovingly yours  

(B) Yours one and only  

(C) Thankfully yours  

(D) Gratefully yours  

(E) Yours obedient servant  

(F) Yours sincerely 

Ans:- (F) Yours sincerely 

Q9. Your irritation shown towards leaving your mobile in switched off mode for two hours indicate that you are—  

(A) a forgetful person 

(B) a tech savvy person 

(C) a short-tempered person 

(D) a mobile phone addict 

(E) an extrovert 

(F) an ambivert

Ans:- (D) a mobile phone addict 

Q10. There are six different types of people who have been sent to receive a foreign delegate. Which kind of person is likely to be sent again the next time?  

(A) The person who can pose best in front of the camera.  

(B) The person who can look more confident than the delegate. 

(C) The person who listens carefully to everything the delegate says and always responds in a polite manner.  

(D) The person who speaks much more than the delegate.  

(E) The person who has the bigger chest size.  

(F) The person who only glorifies one’s own country and belittles every other country. 

Ans:- (C) The person who listens carefully to everything the delegate says and always responds in a polite manner.  

 Developing Soft Skills 5 :- Questions 11 to 20 are Multiple Select Questions where more than one answers are correct. It has partial marking and hence carefully select the answer choices.For Example: if choice 1 and choice 2 are correct out of 4 choices, and if you select both choice 1 and choice 2, you will get full marks.If you select either choice 1 or choice 2 and did not select other choices, you will get partial marks.If you select choice 1 and choice 3 or choice 1 and choice 4, you will not get any marks.If you select choice 2 and choice 3 or choice 2 and choice 4, you will not get any marks.  Developing Soft Skills 5

Q11. Which among the following are part of essential telephone skills?  

(A) Be an active listener.  

(B) Talk in a very loud voice.  

(C) Emulate the mood of the caller. If he’s angry you get angry too.  

(D) Be polite.  

(E) Consider calls as opportunities.  

(F) Invite the caller to your house for dinner. 

Ans:- (A) & (D)

Q12. What does it mean to say that the boundaries between man and machine are blurred?  

(A) In our current societies, the abundant infusion of technology with our lives, has made it an integral part of human civilization 

(B) Human beings can no longer think on their own but depend on machines for all thoughts.  

(C) Organisms are no longer bodies of knowledge, but biotic components, a kind of information processing device.  

(D) It is possible today for machines to perform most of the work that are performed by humans.  

(E) Machines are plotting to gradually take over human civilization.  

(F) In today’s world, there are many machines that are impersonating to be humans. 

Ans:- (A), (C), (D) & (E)

Q13. From the following objects identify a few that have become such natural extensions of the body that it is difficult to imagine our lives without them.  

(A) Bullock carts 

(B) Clothes 

(C) Spectacles 

(D) Shoes 

(E) Weighing machine 

(F) Space suits

Ans:- For Answer Click Here

Q14. Understanding cybernetics allows us to understand the following:  

(A) How do cyber cafés function? 

(B) Who controls technology? Who benefits technology? 

(C) Do we have complete autonomy over technology? 

(D) How does the cyber space operate? 

(E) How to control different kinds of animals for human benefit? 

(F) How can machines be used to destroy our enemies?

Ans:- (B), (C) & (E)

Q15. Identify some of the effects of the overwhelming presence of technology in our lives today:  

(A) It makes us capable of accomplishing a wider range of tasks, than a previous era where the infusion of technology was not so rampant.  

(B) It makes us lazier. 

(C) Technology manufacturers and big corporations influence a lot of our decisions, because the products they manufacture become integral part of our lives.  

(D) It makes us live a peaceful and satisfied life.  

(E) It makes us believe that virtual life is the replacement for the real life.  

(F) It makes us invincible and immortal. 

Ans:- (A), (B) & (C)

Q16. Identify a few things to avoid, when you are composing an email on the behalf of your company.  

(A) Start with a personal conversation.  

(B) Write a long and vague subject line.  

(C) Be very courteous and professional in your tone.  

(D) Use simple but effective sentences.  

(E) Be incoherent and ambiguous allowing the readers to make their own meanings.  

(F) Attach your contact details at the end so the reader can get back to you with possible queries. 

Ans:- (A), (B) & (E)

Q17. Identify a few things that you would adhere to while writing an email to a friend of yours.  

(A) Avoid being too formal.  

(B) Avoid using jargons.  

(C) Avoid beating around the bush.  

(D) Use formal salutations like “Sir” or “Respected madam.”  

(E) Be cold and mechanical in your tone.  

(F) Be as sarcastic and judgmental as you possibly can be. 

Ans:- (A) & (C)

Q18. Hi Sir, 
Sorri to inform you that I will not be able to take tomorrows exam please postpone it sometime my stomach is paining badly, and so I kindly ask you to take action. 

Your lovingly,  

(A) Salutation 

(B) Spelling 

(C) Grammatical 

(D) Punctuation 

(E) Structural 

(F) Conclusion

Ans:- (A), (B), (C) & (D)

Q19. If you have to send a lengthy text to your colleague, identify a few ways in which you can make it more readable.  

(A) Organize your ideas into neat paragraphs.  

(B) Convey the gist of the message in the introductory line.  

(C) Try to be as concise as possible, despite all the information you have to pack in.  

(D) Add attractive pictures of models.  

(E) Make a few out-of-context jokes here and there.  

(F) Use jargons and long-winded sentences wherever possible. 

Ans:- For Answer Click Here

Q20. Mention a few things that one should keep in mind, while composing the subject line in emails? 

(A) Do not write in all caps  

(B) Concisely write the topic of the email, so that it is clear to the reader what the email is about  

(C) Mention clearly important details such as the venue, date, and time of a meeting  

(D) Type without spaces and punctuation marks to save time  

(E) Write a paragraph in the subject line  

(F) Use non-jargon words as much as possible 

Ans:- (A), (B) & (C)

Q21.Massive infusion of technology in our lives influence our thought patterns, thinking capabilities, and ways of communication. 

(A) True 

(B) False

Ans:- (A) True

Q22. Donna Haraway said: “I fear the day that technology will surpass our human interaction the world will have a generation of idiots.” 

(A) True 

(B) False

Ans:- (B) False

Q23. A Cybernetic organism is a fusion between topography and technology. 

(A) True 

(B) False

Ans:- (B) False

Q24. “Control, Benefit, and Choice” are the three watchwords to keep in mind while using technology. 

(A) True 

(B) False

Ans:- For Answer Click Here

Q25. Sacrificing a few hours of sleep each day to be on social media helps one maintain one’s mental and emotion health in the long run. 

(A) True 

(B) False

Ans:- (B) False

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