NPTEL Project Management For Managers Assignment 1 Answers

In the First week of Project Management For Managers on NPTEL we have to Read 5 Lessons

Project Management Assignment 1

Lesson 1 :- Introduction Of Project Management

Lesson 2 :- Project Success

Lesson 3 :- Types Of Structure Organization

Lesson 4 :- Project management Office

Lesson 5 :- Stakeholders Management

NPTEL 1st Lecture Overview

This subject is very important for the students of mechanical engineering, industrial and production engineering, civil engineering, MBA students and also for working professional. Why it is important for working professionals because working professionals most of the times deal with projects and they should know how to manage a project. So, let us get started in this course. There are several people who think that project management is PERT and CPM, there are another set of people who think that project management is capital budgeting, some other people think that project management is project financing and there are several other set of people who think that project management is this, project management is this and so on, but in reality one should study project management from 10 different knowledge areas point of view .

Project Management Assignment 1 Answers


1.The three constraints project managers work within are
All of the above

2.The project is evaluated on the criteria
time, cost, performance, client acceptance
cost, performance, client acceptance
time, performance, client acceptance
time, cost, performance

3.What are the determinants of project success
scope, cost, performance, client acceptance
cost, performance, client acceptance, time
Scope, time, cost, performance, client acceptance
None of these

4.The number of levels in project management maturity model are:

5. Matrix type of organization structure is
functional type
project type
both (a) and (b)
None of the above


6. Matrix type of organization structure required
No need for environment
Dynamic environment
Static environment
b & c

7.What kind of organizational structure would be suitable for the construction type of business?
Project type
Functional type
Matrix type
All of the above


8.several factors decide or define the culture of an organization including:
Structure and size, leadership
Environment, events, nature of business, and nature of the client
Both (a) & (b)

9.Cultural web – is responsible for the prevailing culture and consists of interrelated elements of
culture including:
Routines and rituals, stories and myths
Symbols, power structure, organization structure, and control systems
Both (a) & (b)

10.Organizational Culture which
refers to a set of beliefs, values, and attitudes shared by everyone in the organization
refers to how organizations are managed
Both (a) & (b)

Project Management Assignment 1, Project Management Assignment 1 Answers.

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