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Hello Students in this post we have provided questions and answers of the Airforce XY Group July Question paper All Shifts. You can also download a pdf from here of today’s question paper.

Indian Airforce XY Group 24 July 2022 Agniveer Exam Analysis All Shift

We analyzed the question paper and can say that the paper was easy to moderate of 24 July 2022 Question paper.

Indian Air Force Exam Analysis Today

SectionDifficulty Level of Questions
General KnowledgeModerate
General EnglishEasy
TotalEasy to Moderate

Indian Airforce XY Group 24 July Asked Questions 1st Shift

English Questions

1. What Is The Adjective Of “ACT” ?


  1. ……. School is A Place Of Learning. (Use Article)

No Article

  1. Person Marry More Than One Women ?


  1. Antonym Of Adhere is

Disobey, Ignore

  1. Synonym Of Repose Is

Rest, Relaxation

  1. It Is Raining Cats and Dog ?

Raining Heavily

  1. Preposition Used With Annoy (At or With)

At Something, With Somebody

  1. Correct Spelling Of Comitee


  1. Synonym Of Laconic

Brief, Short

  1. No Girl In The Loaclity (A) Is Beautiful (B) As Neha (C) No Error (D)

GK Questions

Q1. लोकसभा के स्पीकर अपना त्यागपत्र किसे सौंपते हैं ?

लोकसभा उपाध्यक्ष 

लोकसभा सदस्य ५ साल 

राजयसभा ६ साल 

२. एक पारी में १० विकेट लेने वाले खिलाडी का नाम बताइये ?

अज़हर पटेल 

३. ३१वां सरस्वती सामान किसे दिया गया ?

प्रो. दरश मिश्रा 

सस्वती सम्मान  1991

४. तराइन का पहला युद्ध कब लड़ा गया ?


पृथ्वीराज चौहान और मोहम्मद गौरी 

दूसरा युद्ध 1192

५. मनुष्य के शरीर में सबसे बड़ी हड्डी का नाम क्या है ?


सबसे छोटी हड्डी स्टेपीज

६. राकेट किस सिद्धांत पर काम करता है ?

Conservation Of Momentum 

७. भारत का पहला सॅटॅलाइट कौनसा है ?


८. विम्बलडन ट्रॉफी २०२२ के विजेता कौन हैं ?

नोवाक जोकोविच 

९. श्रीलंका के राष्ट्रपति कौन हैं ?

रानिल विक्रमसिंघे

Reasoning Questions

  1. AT = 20, BAT = 40, Then CAT = ?
  2. 110:10 :: 9:?

Indian Airforce XY Group 24 July Asked Questions 2nd Shift


What Is The Antonym of Harmony ?
Disunity, Violence

What Is The Synonym Of Amnesty ?
Pardon, Freedom

Convert Into Passive Voice
Kartik Is Writing A Poem.
Rule : Object + Being + V3 + Subject
A Poem Is Being Written By Kartik.

a System of a government of a country in which one person have
complete power is called

I go to the bed/at eight/every night/no error
Delete “The” Before BED

The French ——— (Is/Are/Were)

Scapegoat – बलि का बकरा OR दसर ू ेके लियेकष्ट उठानेवाला

Iron Is ———– Useful Metal. (Use Article)

Synonym Of Empathetic – Sympathy

A Paper Written By Hand – Manuscript

Plural Of Belief – Beliefs

Meerabai Chanu Is Related To – Weightlifting (Silver Medal)

Lingraj Temple Was Built By – King Yayati Keshari (Odisha)

Second Largest Solar Planet – Saturn
Largest – Jupiter
Smallest – Mercury

PM Of Canada – Justin Trudeau

BRICS Member – Kanada is Not The Member Of BRICS
Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa

VOIP Full Form
Voice Over Internet Protocol
a technology that allows you to make voice calls using a broadband
Internet connection instead of a regular (or analog) phone line.

What To Add In 1812, So It Get Divided By 7,11 and 14.

Pyorrhea : Mouth :: Trachoma : ?

Find the total number of permutation of word CABLE such that vowels placed at odd

Venn Diagram Of Female, Mothers, Doctors

Sitting Arrangement – Tallest Youngest

5, 10, 15, — , 25

Selling Price Of An Object Is 4700 and Profit Percent is 10%. If the Selling Price Of
That Object Is 4300, then Find The Loss Percent.

2.8 * 3.8 + 2.5 of 1/8 +1/3 + 1/5

Two Places are 100 Km Apart From Each Other. If a Person Travel First 2 Hours at The
Speed Of 20 KM/Hr, and The Rest Distance at 10 KM/Hr. Then Find his average speed.

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