Developing Soft Skills and Personality Assignment 2 Answers Q1 to Q10

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Q1.In Bertrand Russell’s example of two men, Mr. A and Mr. B, being in conflict with each other, what does the arbitrator tell each of the men, to have the conflict peacefully resolved?

(A) The other person is intellectually challenged, so you will have to forgive him.

(B) The other person has been possessed by an evil spirit it was not his own fault. The other person has been possessed by an evil spirit it was not his own fault.  

(C) The other person has only the normal share of human wickedness, and this enmity is harmful to both.  

(D) The other person has a better political clout and so he will take revenge on you and your family.  

(E) The other person is planning to write his will to your son/daughter if you make peace with them.  

(F) The other person is actually a cyborg, and if you make peace with him, you can make him do whatever you want.

Ans:- (C)

Q2. Imagine the following situation: you are unhappy with your job and wish to make a career switch, but you are unsure about whether you have enough savings to pay your rent and bills for the months that you will be out of the job. Meanwhile, your parents who live far away from the city where you work are ailing, and require someone to be around to look after them at home. It might be natural that you are experiencing:

(A) Thrill 

(B) Overjoy 

(C) Passion 

(D) Stress 

(E) Exhaustion 

(F) Multitasking

Ans:- D


Q3. Which of the following is sure to happen when you are distressed?  

(A) You get promoted at work. 

(B) You are motivated to work more efficiently. 

(C) You become more disciplined. 

(D) You become more forgiving. 

(E) You start thinking clearly. 

(F) You take more time than usual to do a task.

Ans:- F

Q4. If a person is unassertive, cooperative, and values building relationships over taking a clear stance on things, which among the following descriptions best fits his/her personality type?  

(A) Avoiding  

(B) Accommodating 

(C) Attacking 

(D) Collaborating 

(E) Competing 

(F) Compromising.

Ans:- B

Q5. Which one of the following is a sign that you are undergoing an intrapersonal conflict?  

(A) You disagree with your wife about how your financial resources should be utilized.. 

(B) Your team, at your office, experiences a clash with another team at office, over a few issues.  

(C) You debate with yourself about whether it is worthwhile to quit your current job and do something different.  

(D) You and a few others in your office team disagree with your team-leader, and want to revolt.  

(E) You and your best friend develop disagreements over a few issues.  

(F) Your family engage in a feud with a neighboring family. 

Ans:- C

Q6. A conflict between a father and a son is an example of?  

(A) Interpersonal conflict  

(B) Intercontinental conflict 

(C) Intergroup conflict 

(D) Intrapersonal conflict 

(E) Interorganizational conflict 

(F) Intergalactic conflict

Ans:- A

Q7. Which of the following can you use to manage mental stress?  

(A) Plotting revenge 

(B) Playing mind-games 

(C) Getting confrontational 

(D) Taking deep breaths 

(E) Eating junk food 

(F) Becoming a regular at the local bar

Ans:- D

Q8. Which one of the following is a correct definition of “mediation?”  

(A) Involving a third party for an authoritative judgement.  

(B) Negotiating with the parties involved to sit down and resolve an issue among themselves  

(C) Involving an unfamiliar third party who takes money and kidnaps one of the parties till the issue is resolved  

(D) Asking an unfamiliar third party to make a blind guess about who is right  

(E) Involving a familiar third party to assist the involved parties in finding a solution  

(F) Putting both the parties in the middle of a room  

Ans:- D

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Q9. Which one of the following thoughts is most likely to cross your mind when you are severely distressed?  

(A) I will just sit back and relax now.  

(B) Whatever happens in life cannot bother me.  3

(C) I will never be able to overcome this problem.  

(D) I have no doubt that I will eventually get over this.  

(E) Time heals even the deepest wounds.  

(F) I am the best in the world at what I do. 

Ans:- C

Q10. Fellow feeling and empathy can help in?  

(A) Earning more money 

(B) Winning duels 

(C) Winning the Nobel Prize 

(D) Constructive conflict resolution 

(E) Roleplay and theatre 

(F) Extracting revenge

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Note:- Questions 11 to 20 are Multiple Select Questions where more than one answers are correct. It has partial marking and hence carefully select the answer choices.

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