Developing Soft Skills and Personality Assignment 2 Answers Q11 to Q25

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Note:- Questions 11 to 20 are Multiple Select Questions where more than one answers are correct. It has partial marking and hence carefully select the answer choices.

Q11. Which of the following, according to you, fit the definition of conflict? 

(A) To come into collision or disagreement with another 

(B) To fight or contend; do battle  

(C) To entertain a friend  

(D) A discord of action, feeling, or effect  

(E) Receiving gentle admonishments  

(F) To make a confession in front of God 

Ans:- A,B,D

Q12. Which of the following are destructive ways of resolving conflict?  

(A) Being issue focused 

(B) Respecting differences 

(C) Ensuring group performance and cohesion 

(D) Disagreeing about personality and character 

(E) Attacking individuals 

(F) Indulging in personal antagonism fueled by differences of opinion

Ans:- D,E,F


Q13. As an emotionally balanced person, how would you ensure that conflict is eliminated?  

(A) By being calm and collected  

(B) By keeping your anger in control  

(C) By hitting people and throwing things  

(D) By using abusive words to hurt others  

(E) By insulting and ridiculing others 

(F) By refusing to discuss and arrive at a solution

Ans:- A, B

Q14. You consider yourself to be a strong person who can contribute constructively in a situation of conflict. From the following options, pick the lines that you would say to favorably resolve the situation.  

(A) “I am right, but you are wrong…” 

(B) “What you say is true, and…” 

(C) “I should win in this, and you should lose…”  

(D) “Let’s find a win-win solution” 

(E) “You never listen . . . ”  

(F) “I promise not to repeat . . . ”

Ans:- B,D,F

Q15. You know someone to be a generally dominating and selfish person. In which of the following ways might you generally expect him to react to a situation of conflict? 

(A) He’ll be shy, introverted, and prefer to make peace.  

(B) He’ll be unassertive, cooperative, and seek to build relationships first.  

(C) He’ll be attacking, aggressive, and seek to assert his opinions.  

(D) He’ll be collaborating, by being assertive as well as cooperative and seeking a win-win solution.  

(E) He’ll be competitive, trying to win at all costs, non-cooperative, and just caring about his own concerns.  

(F) He’ll be compromising, sacrificing, and a seeker of harmony. 

Ans:-  For Answer Click Here

Q16. If you are distressed, you might exhibit the following behavioral patterns:  

(A) You get irritated with others, sometimes for no reason at all.  

(B) You become extra-friendly with your neighbors.  

(C) You lose at sports even in those games that you are an expert.  

(D) You often forget where you keep certain essential items such as your door key or your mobile phone.  

(E) You are always in a cheerful mood. 

(F) You donate generously to charitable causes. 

Ans:- A,C,D

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Q17. What are the ways in which a conflict can be a positive thing? 

(A) Conflicts are opportunities for leg-pulling and dominating others.  

(B) Once intra-group conflicts are resolved, the group becomes more caring and inclusive.  

(C) People turn distant or hostile when there is a conflict. 

(D) Conflicts can be used for clarifying, learning, and for promoting a stimulating environment.  

(E) The process of resolving conflict in a workplace can result in reaching creative solutions.  

(F) A successfully resolved conflict can enable one to come out of it in an emotionally strong manner.

Ans:- B,D,E,F

Q18. If you are trying to resolve a conflict between two of your best friends, which of the following methods should you adopt?  

(A) Speaking the hard truth in a harsh manner  

(B) Making them take part in group activities  

(C) Making them list out five things they like in each other  

(D) Focusing on the person, not the problem  

(E) Defusing or managing the anger that each feels for the other  

(F) Making them partake in a boxing match

Ans:- B,C,E

Q19. You are trying get an afternoon nap, when your roommate thinks of inviting some friends over for a movie. Which of the following can you say to her to resolve the conflict favorably?  

(A) I am feeling very tired. Will it be possible for you to kindly watch the movie in your friend’s room?  

(B) Why do you (your roommate) never ask me before inviting your friends over?  

(C) Why are you all making so much noise in the room and disturbing me?  

(D) You want to watch a movie at this odd hour? What is wrong with you? 

(E) I had to stay up all night yesterday to study for the exam. Can you guys please postpone your movie watching so that I can get a bit of rest? 

(F) If you don’t move out of the room in five minutes, I’ll throw your laptop out of the window. 

Ans:- A,E

Q20. Suppose the parents of your child’s classmate comes to your house to complain about your child. In order to constructively resolve the conflict, you will do the following: 

(A) Ask them to go to the police, instead of coming to you.  

(B) First, listen to their concerns with an open mind.  

(C) Judge, as impartially as possible, about what exactly has taken place.  

(D) Immediately rush to find your child and tell him off in public.  

(E) Talk to your child calmly, after the complainants have left, and try to understand his point of view.  

(F) Talk aggressively to the complaining parents and make them realize that such conversations are not useful. 

(G) If you think the situation so merits, then teach your child to behave better in the future.  

(H) Make a phone call to the complaining parents and let them know what you have said to your child. If their own child has made a mistake, politely point that out to them as well. 

Ans:- For Answer Click Here

Q21. Eustress is unregulated stress, and it is harmful for an individual. 

(A) True 

(B) False

Ans:- B

Q22. Conflict is a normal, accepted, expected, and inescapable part of life. 

(A) True 

(B) False

Ans:- A

Q23. Peace comes not from the absence of conflicts, but from the ability to cope with it. 

(A) True 

(B) False

Ans:- A

Q24. It’s not stress that kills us it is our reaction to it. 

(A) True 

(B) False

Ans:- A

Q25. Positive resolution of conflict can bring one closer to the person/group with whom they conflicted.

(A) True 

(B) False



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