IT Essential Quiz 1 Answers: PC Hardware and Software of CISCO NETCAD

IT ESSENTIAL: PC Hardware and Software Chapter 1 Quiz Answers, In this Blog we have provided 100% correct Answers of IT ESSENTIAL: PC Hardware and software of CISCO NETCAD

1.A technician wants to replace a failing power supply on a high-end gaming computer. Which form factor should the technician be looking for?


(B) AT

(C) ATX12V

(D) EPS12V

Ans :- (D) EPS12V

2. Which statement describes Augmented Reality (AR) technology?

(A) It superimposes images and audio over the real world in real time.

(B) The headset closes off any ambient light to users.

(C) It does not provide users with immediate access to information about their real surroundings.

(D) It always requires a headset.

Ans :- (A)

3. Refer to the exhibit. What type of connecter is displayed?

IT Essential Quiz 1 Answers: PC Hardware and Software of CISCO NETCAD

(A) Molex to SATA adapter

(B) DVI to HDMI adapter

(C) USB to PS/2 adapter

(D) HDMI to VGA converter

Ans :- (D) HDMI to VGA converter

4. A network administrator currently has three servers and needs to add a fourth, but does not have enough room for an additional monitor and keyboard. Which device allows the administrator to connect all the servers to a single monitor and keyboard?

(A) USB switch

(B) touch screen monitor


(D) PS/2 hub

(E) KVM switch

Ans :- (E)

5. Which action can reduce the risk of ESD damage when computer equipment is being worked on?

(A) working on a grounded antistatic mat

(B) lowering the humidity level in the work area

(C) keeping the computer plugged into a surge protector

(D) moving cordless phones away from the work area

Ans :- (A)

6. Which disk drive type contains a magnetic HDD with onboard flash memory serving as a non-volatile cache?




(D) NVMe

Ans :- (A)

7. Which two PC components communicate with the CPU through the Southbridge chipset? (Choose two.)


(B) hard drive

(C) 64-bit gigabit Ethernet adapter

(D) video card

Ans :- (B) Hard Drive & (C) 64-bit gigabit Ethernet adapter

8. Which three devices are considered output devices? (Choose three.)

(A) headphones

(B) keyboard

(C) monitor

(D) mouse

(E) printer

(F) fingerprint scanner

Ans :- (A) headphones, (C) monitor & (E) Printer

9. Which port allows for the transmission of high definition video using the DisplayPort protocol?

(A) Thunderbolt




Ans :- (A)

10. Which motherboard form factor has the smallest footprint for use in thin client devices?



(C) Micro-ATX

(D) Mini-ATX

Ans :- (D)

11.How are the internal components of a computer protected against ESD?

(A) By using computer cases made out of plastic or aluminum

(B) by grounding the internal components via attachment to the case

(C) by unplugging the computer after use

(D) by using multiple fans to move warm air through the case

Ans :- (B)

12. Refer to the exhibit. How is the connector used in a PC?

IT Essential Quiz 1 Answers

(A) to connect disk drives

(B) to connect optical drives

(C) to supply power to various internal components

(D) to connect legacy floppy drives

Ans :- (C)

13. Which expansion slot is used by an NVMe compliant device?

(A) PCIe




Ans :- (A)

14. Which type of input device can identify users based on their voice?

(A) KVM switch

(B) biometric identification device

(C) digitizer

(D) scanner

Ans :- (B)

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IT ESSENTIAL: PC Hardware and Software Chapter 1 Quiz Answers

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